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        Camille and Max fell in love with Son Marroig when they were in Mallorca on a visit from their home in Paris.

        What made you decide to get married in Mallorca?

        We love looking back on that story! We are both from France and have travelled a lot. We fell in love with Mallorca last year on a holiday. One day, we went to Sa Foradada, which we had heard about. But nothing about Son Marroig. So the beauty of the estate really took us by surprise. We started imagining getting married there, but it seemed like a dream, something to joke about. Nevertheless, it was the moment the idea to get married started becoming serious for us (we weren’t engaged yet).

        Back in France, we got engaged a few months later. We started looking around for places to get married, but nothing compared to Son Marroig. I know you must be thinking that France isn’t lacking in beautiful spots, but there is also the added fact that I grew up in a beautiful vineyard near Bordeaux. Sadly, my family doesn’t live there anymore, the memory is a little bittersweet, and no other vineyard or castle in the area could compare to the place I grew up in. So we inquired about Son Marroig, found out it was possible to get married there… and the next is history! 🙂

        How would you describe your wedding in three words?

        We tried to stay away from the ‘love’ or ‘happy’ words which should be a given.

        Mine: Romantic, Intimate, Enchanting

        His: Meaningful, Pastoral, Romantic

        What type of photography do you enjoy the most?

        Natural landscapes, bokeh, natural lighting, spontaneous portraits

        Wedding details

        Dress: Elsa Gary

        Flowers: Bombillas y flores

        Venue: Son Marroig

        Catering: Marc Fosh

        Hair and Make-up: Essential Hair and Make-Up

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