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        I like sunsets, ice-cream, live music and my rescue dog, Bella. 


        In 2015 I moved to Mallorca after leaving my hectic career in London. I  followed a dream that I’ve always had about living a more creative life. I’m so glad I did. It gave me the drive to set about turning my dreams into reality and start my photography business. I haven’t looked back since!  


        I notice the small and intimate moments in life. I’m always the dreamer, the one that sees the little details and appreciates them for their unique beauty.


        How did you become a photographer?

        What's in your camera bag?

        What is important for you in your photos?

        I am not a model and have never had my photo taken professionally, will you help me?

        When will I receive my photos and how many photos will I get?

        What is your copyright policy?

        What is your publishing policy?


        At age 30, I found myself living a life that didn't make me truly happy and with a career I didn't really want. After quitting my job, I left London for Spain with a boyfriend I had only known for a few months - but we both shared a passion for adventure! It only took 8 months and an email from my ex manager asking when I would be coming back to work, to make me realise I no longer wanted to go back to my old life in London. I vowed to spend the next part of my life doing something I love. And that something is photography!

        Do I sound like the kind of person you would like to capture your memories on camera?

        Then I would love to hear from you!