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        Navina is one of the kindest people I know. She is a gentle and quietly determined woman who runs her own successful business – navinabaur.com – a creative agency. When she asked me about taking her new branding photos, of course I said yes!

        Navina’s passion is to design authentic & beautiful brand narratives as the wild hearts they represent. With a mix of storytelling and visual branding, she assists wild-hearted creatives in telling & sharing their stories by designing brands that speak to their authenticity. To make that happen, she focuses on storytelling, copywriting, content writing & visual branding. After she has created an authentic brand for her clients, she also takes care content strategy, to tell the story to the right people, in the right way. That includes a social media strategy, eBook creation and much more!

        After bravely moving to Mallorca, Navina realised that she can use her experience in running her own business to inspire and support others in doing the same. Navina loves her island life on Mallorca & she wants to show how you can create all the magic in your life, just like she did! It is a personal aim for Navina, to support inspired people on their way to a life they love through coaching.

        Navina approached me take some photos that would truly represent who she is. We brainstormed and came up with the idea to start in her home, where she has her office, in the centre of historic Palma de Mallorca. Her calm and serene space is an extension of her personality and help to transmit more about this wonderful woman. We then went into the street of the old town to find colourful streets, people, movement and life. As an introvert, Navina loves being surrounded by life almost as much as she values her time and space alone. I wanted the photos to reflect both the elements of Navina’s personality.

        We ended our session at the beautiful new cafe at Cappuccino Hotel Mama in Placa Cort, a fabulous location for an photoshoot.


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