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        Michelle and her family wanted to create some beautiful memories during their holiday to Mallorca. Some of them had come all the way from Australia and the babies had never met each other before.

        They were staying in a beautiful villa in Cala D’Or, very close to the beach and sea. But, to make things as easy as possible with the young children, we decided to stay at the villa and make the most of the private pool and garden.

        Working with very young children is always fun, but hard to make a concrete plan – so I focused on candid photos of special moments, as well as shooting some more formal photos when I could.

        The session worked so well and Michelle was really happy with the outcome!

        LOOOOOOOVVVEEE!! Saw the pics online and they are just perfect Emma. Absolutely thrilled with how they turned out. I don’t know how but you managed to capture such beautiful, heartfelt moments amongst all that chaos. You are an incredible talents! thank you so much!! Michelle x

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