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        Jenn and Nigel celebrated their wedding at Casal Santa Eulalia near the village of Santa Margalida in Mallorca. Joining them was a small group of their closest friends and family, with everything organised lovingly by Jenn. Their wedding was personal, intimate and filled with love.

        I asked them why they chose to get married in Spain… “Well, while we both grew up continents apart with very different cultures, but our childhoods shared quite a few similarities. Some of our fondest memories being based around our family holidays which not only included our parents and sibling(s) but cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents and friends. In a way, we wish to recapture these memories and make our wedding part of them, whilst also using the opportunity to bring the people we love together!”

        I was really touched by the genuine and kind nature of this couple. They were gracious and happy and they made my job very easy. I can’t wait to welcome them back to Mallorca when they come to celebrate their anniversary!

        Emma xx

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