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        9th October 2020

        Goddess portrait shoot in Palma at sunset

        8th October 2020

        Summer sunset couple shoot in Alcudia

        18th October 2019

        Surprise proposal shoot in Deia

        18th August 2019

        Rustic wedding at Son Burguet

        13th July 2019

        Wedding at Jardines de Alfabia

        28th June 2019

        Wedding at Casal Santa Eulalia Mallorca

        27th June 2019

        Palma engagement on the beach

        21st June 2019

        Engagement Photography Session – Cala Lombards

        8th June 2019

        Sunset engagement shoot in Deia

        27th May 2019

        Relaxed finca wedding in Mallorca

        26th May 2019

        Wedding at St Regis Mardavall Mallorca

        12th May 2019

        My favourite rustic wedding venues in Mallorca