17th January 2017

Whether you are a couple in Mallorca on honeymoon, celebrating your engagement or simply soaking up some Mediterranean sunshine. I am here to capture you both. The way you look at each other, your little gestures, the times when you can’t stop laughing. I want to show you as you are, natural and unposed.

cato cocozza 17:56 July 4, 2017 Reply
Hi there, Im looking for at photographer to capture a special moment. Im proposing to my girlfriend at Son Marroig, around sunset the14th of July. Are you interested? I so what would your price be for a job like that? Regards Cato Cocozza
Natalie Vaverkova 00:26 June 3, 2018 Reply
Hello My partner and I would be interested in a couple's photoshoot in our house in Deia and during a private dinner in a hotel in Deia. We like that the people in your photos seem very natural and relaxed, and we also like the way you work with light and sunshine. We love the light just before the sunset so ideally the photoshoot would start about two hours before the sunset and last through the sunset. Could you please let us know your availability and prices? We will be in Deia during the first week in September and are relatively flexible with the dates. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you! Natalie, Jan
Randj 08:58 June 24, 2018 Reply
Dear, We are now in Mallorca of a few days. My wife is pregnant and we like to make some pictures in Mallorca. Could you please tel us know if you can help? Kind regards, Randj
Mayou 22:52 June 27, 2018 Reply
Hello I would like to surprise m'y husband with a renewal of vows on october... I will bé with my 2 young children (3 and 5) So only thé four of us. I am looking for a photogapher to capture this special moment : laughin, crying, playing. Natural and unposed with the kids. Family moment. Would it bé possible for you to contact me for this special day ? Thanks