How did you become a photographer?

At age 30 I found myself living a life that didn’t make me truly happy and with a career i didn’t really want. After meeting a man who would later become the love of my life and talking about our shared desire to travel, I left London for Spain. It only took 8 months and an email from my ex manager asking when I would be coming back to work, to make me realise I no longer wanted to go back to my old life in London. I vowed to spend the next part of my life doing something I love. And that something is photography!

What’s in your camera bag?

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark iii and my favourite prime lenses – a Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 and a Canon 50mm f1.2L. I also use a Canon 28mm f2.8. My back up body is a Canon 5D Mark ii. And when i’m travelling I use my small but perfect Canon 100D and my 40mm f2.8 pancake lens.

What is important for you in your photos?

Firstly to capture the emotion of the moment. Closely followed by great composition, beautiful lighting, clean backgrounds and a wonderful subject.

I am not a model and have never had my photo taken professionally, will you help me?

Most of the people I shoot aren’t models. That’s the point! I believe that everyone is beautiful. I will help you with relaxing, posing and learning to love yourself as we all deserve to feel like stars. My shoots are good fun and I will make you forget you are in front of the camera.

Do you shoot weddings?

Yes. I am available for weddings all over the world, although I am based in Mallorca, Spain. My prices start at €1450. See more of my weddings here.

When will I receive my photos and how many photos will I get?

The delivery time for your photos is a maximum of 3 weeks for portrait sessions and 6 weeks for weddings. You will receive a selected amount of photos and the minimum amount of pictures depends on the coverage time you choose to book with us (500 pictures for a full wedding day). Your photos will all be edited in my signature style and will be delivered in full resolution without any watermarks for your own personal use.

What is your copyright and publishing policy?

With my packages you receive shared copyright of your photos for private use. I retain the right to use the photos for my marketing purposes which includes my own website & blog, other blogs, magazines or the like. If you prefer your photos to stay private, you can purchase exclusive rights. If you would like to share your photos online on your social media, I would love it if you add a link to my Facebook Page, Instagram or Website.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere! In nature, films, books, my friends and family, in other photographers and in art and artists. Ideas come in the strangest moments. My instagram account is a great place to follow my visual inspiration from everyday life.

Would you advise someone to change their life as completely as you did?

Yes!! 100 times yes. It isn’t easy but I have had more amazing experiences and grown to love and respect myself more than I ever thought possible.

What can’t you live without?

Music, swimming in the sea, cuddles, peanut butter and earl grey tea.

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